Best free music app for international music

The simple way to get free music streaming apps is to search the Play Store or Apple Store, search for music streaming apps and download the one that you like.

But there is a more systematic method that can be used.

You can read online articles where people compare different music streaming apps like ZimVibes, Jango, iRoking and others. Such comparisons make things easy. You know the ups and downs of major free music streaming apps and you can decide easily which app is more suitable for you.

Now such a comparison is not available in the Play Store. You have access to description, reviews and overall rating. This does not tell you whether this app will solve your problem.

Let’s assume, you need a music streaming app that is free, lets you stream music offline, provides you with unlimited skipping and has a massive collection of African music. Now such a music streaming app is hard to find at Play Store as you will have to manually read the description of multiple apps.

Alternately, such an app can be easily found if you skim a couple of related articles. You will get details on all the apps that fall within your criterion and then you will be able to compare them all, and choose ZimVibes because it has all the features that you are looking for.

This is how you should technically get free music streaming apps.