Free Apps for Iphone 6s

New iphone 6s Features Review

Make no mistakes about it! The new iPhone 6s is right here! It’s indeed one of the latest mobile products from the famous Apple group. It’s currently making headline news as the best iPhone ever produced! You’ve got to check it out!

The features

The New iphone 6s is well loaded. It’s designed with iOS (8) operating system. The screen size is up to 4.7 inches. This is simply good for users that enjoy playing free mobile games. You can see everything clearly on the screen as you keep playing games with the device.

Furthermore, the new iphone 6s comes with an internal memory that is up to 16GB. This is enough for storing hundreds of free apps, data and other pieces of information you might require. The camera piece of the device has up to 8 megapixels. It captures images very clearly.

When it comes to design, the new iphone 6s is very sleek in appearance. The keyboard is quite awesome. The battery life is also highly commendable. When you browse the internet with the iPhone, you can be sure of enjoying tremendous speed.

More so, you can download free apps and free mobile games. has them in large quantities. You can also download the free apps and games directly from the Apple store. You can be sure of having a great fun when you keep playing games and using the apps on your new iPhone 6s.