The New Galaxy s7

Galaxy s7 features 

Galaxy s7 is one of the latest mobile products from the famous Samsung group. The company has continued to soar high in terms of releasing sophisticated mobile Galaxy devices. The Galaxy s7 is the next on the line. Experts believe that the newly developed mobile will be released in the first quarter of the year 2016.


Galaxy s7 promises to show up with better enhanced features when compared to other older models. The RAM capacity is expected to be up to 4GB. This is enough for storing all your free apps and free mobile games. The   device comes with 64 bit processor which ensures greater speed and efficiency.

The internal memory capacity of the device is up to 128GB. This is quite amazing. The camera has up to 30 megapixels. You can easily capture images as clear as anything you can ever think of.

Moreover, the Galaxy s7 comes with super Amoled Display. It also comes with Waterproof technology. You don’t need to worry when the mobile device suddenly drops into water.

When it comes to network connection, the Galaxy s7 is not lacking. It supports 5G network. Hence, you can browse the internet at a very tremendous speed. The device also comes with infrared sensors and other network features.

Furthermore, you can download all manner of free apps and free mobile games with your Galaxy s7. You simply need to hook up to You’ll be amazed at the number of quality free apps and games you’ll discover when you visit the online resource.