Zimvibes vs. Youtube

We all know all about YouTube which happens to be one of the leading online video streaming website. In fact, it is the most popular video streaming website.

ZimVibes is a free music streaming app that offers you with free songs to listen to online as well as you can download them on your phone – yes for free.

So will you choose ZimVibes or YouTube if you want to listen to a song? Well if you are on computer, you can go to YouTube and listen and watch the song but if you are on phone, you should technically and logically use ZimVibes since it is easy-to-use.

If video is not your concern and if you want to download songs on your phone so that you can listen to them when you are traveling all alone with no access to internet, then ZimVibes is the best option. YouTube does not allow you to download songs. Though you can download YouTube videos using third-party software but why put in a lot of effort of downloading songs from YouTube when you have easy instant access to songs for free with ZimVibes?

ZimVibes has a lot of features like skipping and rewinding that you don’t get with YouTube so this makes ZimVibes a better option if you are interested in listening to songs.

I am not saying that YouTube is useless but if you want to listen to songs both online and offline at your smart phone, then YouTube is not the right website.