ZimVibes : Stream African Songs For Free

ZimVibes is a free music streaming app for Android and iOS users developed by TashTin. Streaming music for free from your smartphone was never so easy.

Here are a few reasons for using ZimVibes:

  • You get access to unlimited African music which is, unfortunately, mostly ignored by those big music streaming apps like Spotify.
  • Besides African songs, you can listen to songs in general from all over the world in all the genres.
  • It has an ever growing library. Developers are constantly adding new and updated music files to the library so as to provide users with unlimited supply of music.
  • It is a free app that is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • User interface is tidy with easy navigation.
  • You will not going to see songs that you dislike. This is such a great feature that lets you only listen to songs that you like.
  • It is not one of those large apps that make your device slow as hell. It is just over 5 MB.

With so many features, you will surely going to love ZimVibes. While most of the other music streaming apps charge you monthly subscription fee, this app does not charge you a penny.

If you have a smartphone and you love music, you are sure to fall in love with ZimVibes because it just makes things easy for users by listening to the songs that they love – and nothing else.

check out zimvibes and stream African music 24/7 for free. Let us know what you think! Zimvibes is now available in the Itunes Store Store.

We are the team at TashTin.

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